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New Mailing List

There is a new club mailing list, handily called We are in the process of adding all members to the list, but to receive emails you need to confirm your email address.

You will get an email of the form below:

Please check your junk email folder for this email as you cannot receive club emails until you accept the invitation.

Subject: Request for confirmation of subscription to the mailing list []

We received a request for subscription to the following mailing list:

    Mailing list:
    Moderator’s e-mail address:
    Your e-mail address:

You receive this e-mail for confirmation purposes. In order for your
e-mail address to be added to the above-mentioned mailing list, please
click the following link:

<hyperlink to accept>

If you do not want your e-mail address to be added to the above-mentioned
mailing list, just ignore this message. For further questions, please contact
the moderator of the mailing list.

Simply click the acceptance link to confirm your acceptance and start receiving club emails again.

New website in progress!

Hello! We are currently sorting out the new website. Content will be minimal till the first weekend in December while we sort out the new hosting.

Don’t worry, by the weekend we will have full information on the upcoming Winterseries round and 12 Car event.

Diary dates:

  • 9th December – Winterseries round 2
  • 12th December – 12 car rally car on the 12th of December

Also remember the Dinner & Dance for the Annual Awards evening is on Saturday the 27th of January, information on tickets will be available on the site shortly.

In the meantime, please follow the twitter and facebook pages for information.