RS Clubman Licence

Please do this before turning up for an event! You can sign up online at sign-on, but requires internet connection and your application to go straight through without issues! We can try and sort this at an event, but its not guaranteed!

In short:

Who needs it?

  • All competitors need to hold a new RS Clubman Licence as a minimum from 2020 in order to compete in a Motorsport UK permitted event.
  • This includes passengers.
  • If you already hold a competition licence, the competition licence supersedes this, and the Clubmans is not required.

Whats the criteria?

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • Medically fit to compete in motorsport
  • You are a British citizen.

If you are under 18 there is an offline application form, available on Motorsport UK site.

How much?

Its free!

Where can I get it?

Apply here: