2018 & 2019 12 Car Winter Season

Our 12 Cars are 60 miles of navigation with the emphasis on providing novice crews with a useful evenings entertainment. Experts are also welcome but will not receive the same level of help as a novice crew. We will start the season with the traditional training evening.



Training Evening Entry List

The season comprises 7 events, run once a month starting in October:

Your club needs you! We don’t currently have an organiser for the final event. But we do have plenty of people willing to help you organise it!

The club has a large amount of experience in running 12 cars, so if you have competed / marshalled in the past and wanted to plan the route please come and talk to us!

As a club we can walk you through the process of creating the route, contacting the MSA and obtaining a permit and clearing the route with the police. It is all much easier than it sounds, and is an excellent way to really get involved in club activities.