2017 / 2018 12 Car Rally Season

12 Car Rallies are 60 mile navigational rallies on the public road on a winter’s evening. The competition is to follow the correct route, visiting all the controls (check points) in the correct order and maintaining an average speed. The average is set at a speed of less than 30 mph and these events are ideal novice friendly competition suitable for a standard car.

Beginners will receive a time advantage when plotting the route plus help whilst plotting.
Novices will get a help sheet.
Experts are expected to sort themselves out.

There is a training evening before the first event to teach some of the basics.

Entries are limited to 12 cars (hence the name). The first 8 places are allocated first come first served whilst the last 4 places are at the committee’s discretion and priority will be given to beginners, novices and members.